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Hydro - shower head
Hydro - shower head
Hydro - shower head
Hydro - shower head

Hydro - shower head

Hydro - shower head
Hydro - shower head
Hydro - shower head
Hydro - shower head
VAT included

Innovative device that allows you to add to the pleasure of the shower the well-being of natural stones and vitamin C

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Much more than a shower

Hydro Showerhead is an innovative device that, thanks to natural stones and vitamin C, enhances the pleasure of taking shower.

Tourmaline spheres, with the water passage, produce infrared rays and negative ions, while the ceramic stones, rich of essential oils, release a fresh and pleasant aroma.

Another innovative component is the vitamin C filter, that not only removes the impurities of water, but also stimulates collagen production, promoting cell regeneration.

Purified water

Thanks to its special composition Hydro Showerhead NT008 removes up to 99% of the impurities present in running water, making it more delicate for body and hair cleaning.

Negative ions and infrared rays

With water passage tourmaline acquires electric charge, producing infrared rays that improve blood circulation, metabolism and cellular activity. All these processes are enhanced by the negative ions, that promote the oxygenation of the whole body, improving mental and cognitive performance and soothing stress and tiredness.



The ceramic spheres that are inside the showerhead are rich of essential oils that release a fresh and pleasant aroma, enhancing all the advantages of Hydro Showerhead and making your shower much more enjoyable.

Water saving

The special structure of Hydro Showerhead, in particular its perforated disk, with its conical holes, allows to save up to 30% of water and to have a much more enjoyable massage stream that removes toxins and give relief from stress. It also assures optimal performances also with low water pressure.



Vitamin C enhances the production of collagen, that is an essential protein for tissue development and the healing of abrasions and wounds. The ascorbic acid makes our skin more elastic and compact, lightening the skin blemish and preventing the formation of new ones.


866 gr
Polypropylene, tourmaline spheres, ceramic spheres with essential oils, Filter with vitamin C
Allowed pressure
0.5 - 3 Kgf/cm²
Water flow
590 - 600 mm
Packaging size
25.5 x 36 x 8.5 (cm)

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