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Magnetic mat with amethyst
  • Magnetic mat with amethyst
  • Magnetic mat with amethyst
  • Magnetic mat with amethyst

Magnetic mat with amethyst

Magnetic mat with amethyst
  • Magnetic mat with amethyst
  • Magnetic mat with amethyst
  • Magnetic mat with amethyst
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It combines the action of nanotechnologies with different natural materials, which produce infrared, photon light, magnets and negative ions giving a well-being in the moment of maximum rest, at night.

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A new way to sleep

Il Magnetic Mat with Amethyst develops from the continuous our effort in the study of natural remedies for health and wellness. It is the right mix of the most advanced techniques and the ancient knowledge of the eastern medicine. This unique product combines the advantages of photons, magnets, infrared rays and natural stones, like jade, tourmaline and amethyst.

Since the first discovery of electromagnetism, the man thought to use the sources of magnetic fields for therapeutic purposes. Magnetic Mat with Amethyst uses magnetotherapy to promote regeneration of tissues, regulating the biochemical balance of cells, with numerous beneficial effects on health and well-being.

Our new magnetic mat was made with amethyst stones. According to crystallotherapy, the amethyst possesses many properties, first of all the ability to remove nightmares by increasing dream activity.

Strengthens self-control, self-esteem, inner strength, and memory.

Calm, reassuring, fosters median skills.

Easy and convenient to use

Magnetic Mat with Amethyst is an easy way to take care of ourselves in any moment of the day.

Thanks to the presence of photons, magnets and infrared rays, it reinforces our body, accelerating biological processes and providing dynamic energy to the cells. Furthermore the stones of jade, tourmaline and amethyst have strong relaxing and calming properties for our bodies.

In particular jade stimulates our immune system and the organs with detox activity, such as kidneys, bladder, liver and intestine. Tourmaline due to its pyroelectric property carries energy after temperature variation, giving relief for diseases of bone system, such as arthritis. Amethyst, known for its relaxing qualities, helps concentration, defeats insomnia, stress and prevents migraine, headache and all the problems related to tension conditions.


Magnets and magnet therapy

Magnet therapy, providing energy to cells, has many positive effects on our body, such as attenuation of pain and infiammation, improvement of capillary flow and cell regeneration, in particular at the bone system level.


Photons are light particles, carrying information and energy, able to penetrate the tissues of our body. They stimulate cell regeneration, with consequent benefits for the treatment of wounds, scars and skin blemish.

Infrared Rays

The heat produced by the electric resistance activates the emission of infrared rays, also from jade and tourmaline stones, with consequent benefits for our body, such as cell regeneration, metabolism stimulation, and blood oxygenation.

Amethyst Stones

Pietra di Ametista

Crystal structure: trigonal

Lithogenic process: primary

Mineral type: oxid, quartz group

Colour: violet


Amethyst belongs to the group of quartz crystals. Its colour is due to the presence of iron in its composition. This mineral develops through an hydrothermal process of the silicic acid solution, with low concentration of iron, that gather in the cavities of the volcanic magma, or the cavity of the rocks. Crystal covered cavities are called amethyst druse.


The name amethyst comes from the ancient Greek and means "not intoxicated" (a-methystos). This mineral was appreciated for its capacity to support clarity of mind. In the Middle Ages, Konrad von Megenberg said that amethyst is a mineral able to make man awake and vigilant, removing abstruse and negative thoughts and giving balance and judgement.


It stimulates spiritual awareness and facilitates the perception of soul condition. Strengthens the sense of justice, the critical sensibility and the value of honesty and righteousness. It is used as meditative stone, as it enhances the introspective ability and revels one's inner wisdom.


It is very useful in moment of sadness, especially due to damages or losses. It facilitates the emergence of the dream images; if it is placed under the pillow, it helps to make dreams more vivid and clear. After few days, your sleep will be peaceful, deep and energizing. While awake, amethyst supports inspiration and intuition.



It promotes sobriety and awareness. It helps to face any situation in a coherent and conscientious way. It supports concentration and thinking efficiency, contributing to the overcome of manias and uncontrolled mechanisms.


Amethyst soothes pain and tensions, above all those due to migraine, wounds and swelling (that will quickly decrease). It mitigates organs discomforts of ectodermal origin, so it is very useful in case of diseases related to the nervous system, lungs, respiratory tract and skin. In the intestine, it regulates bacterial flora and liquid absorption.


Jade stones

Pietra di Ametista

Crystal system: monocline

Lithogenic process: third

Mineral class: phillosilicate

Colour: Whitish, green, liliac, violet


In the past the name jade identified both jadeite and nephrite, two minerals with similar aspect and characteristics. Now we define jade those minerals that mainly contain jadeite, whereas nephrite refers to a variety of actinolite. Jadeite is a very rare mineral, that originates from the metamorphosis of basic rocks. When manganese is present in the composition, the lavender jade originates.


Jade has been considered for years a good-luck charm, especially in the Far East. In many American and Asian cultures this mineral was known for its advantages for kidney. Many talismans are made with this stone.


Jade is a stone with an extraordinary relaxing effect, above all for emotions. It soothes agitated souls and has a strong restoring function.


It stimulates the kidney activity, maintaining the right balance between water, salts, acids and bases. It also has a reinforcing function for nervous system and adrenal gland, stimulating reflexes.


Tourmaline stones

Pietra di Ametista

Crystal system: trigonal

Lithogenic process: primary

Mineral class: cyclosilicate (and oxides)

Colour: Violet


Tourmaline is a primary mineral that develops in plutonites and in particular in pegmatites, producing big crystals. However it can also originates by pneumatolysis (a rock modification), thanks to the gases released from magma on secondary rocks.


Tourmaline was known by the ancients, even if it was often confused with other stones, due to its colours. Just in the XVII century it was defined "symbol of that wisdom that remains bright even in front of the destiny's vicissitudes" (Bernardo Caesius). In the Arabic tradition it was thought to be a symbol of sun, able to reinforce the hearth and protect from nightmares.


Tourmaline is one the main stone able to purify our energies. Opening magnetic fields and easing the course of energy flow, this stone promotes self-esteem and removes tension.


Tourmaline stimulates metabolism and regulates the balance of fluids in our body, the functionality of kidneys and bladder, further than the activity of the endocrine gland and immune system. This stone reinforces the regeneration ability of cells, tissues and organs, thanks its detoxifying action. It also improves the circulation of energy in our body and nerve conductivity.


110/220V - 50 Hz
7 Kg
150 x 60 x 4 (cm)
30°C - 70°C
Packaging size
62 x 50 x 15 (cm)
Type of devices
Medical device - Class I
Italian registration ID BD / RDM
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The benefits of the most advanced techniques and practices of ancient oriental medicine contained in a single product, which combines the properties of photons, infrared rays and natural stones, jade, tourmaline and amethyst.

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The benefits of the most advanced techniques and practices of ancient oriental medicine contained in a single product, which combines the properties of photons, infrared rays and natural stones, jade, tourmaline and amethyst.

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