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Delivery methods and costs.

1. Upon order entry, the customer has to ask for an invoice, if needed. For the issue of the invoice will be used the data provided from the customer during the order. Invoices cannot be modified once they are issued. Asiagem will send the invoice by email to the holder of the order, according to article n. 14 of Presidential Decree n. 445/2000 and Legislative Decree 52/2004.

2. Delivery costs are charged to the customer, as described in the communication of order receipt. Payment of goods will be done with the method chosen from the customer during the order.

3. Goods will be delivered to the customer, or someone who has been commissioned, to the address provided during the order. Goods can be delivered to the floor of the customer if parcels weigh up to 15 kilograms, unless otherwise specified in the confirmation of the order. At the moment of delivery the customer has to check that i) the number of parcels is the same specified on the delivery document; ii) the parcel is not damaged or wet. Any damage to packages or products has to be notified, specifying that the customer reserves the right of checking goods. Once signed the delivery documents, the customer cannot contest any characteristic of the parcel. In accordance with the current legislation any damage can be notified to Asiagem within 8 days from the receipt of goods. Any cost to enter a restricted traffic zone or use public property is not included.

4. Delivery date is approximate and the maximum term is thirty days. A telephone notice from the courier is not included. In case of absence of the customer, the courier will make another attempt or will contact the customer by phone to agree upon a new delivery within the next 24 hours. In case of a negative outcome, Asiagem will try to contact the customer to understand the reasons for the failed delivery. In case of a negative outcome, the order will be considered cancelled due to the impossibility of delivering goods. Asiagem will inform the customer by email. The amount paid by the customer will be returned with a deduction of the costs of the delivery attempts.

5. In case of unavailability of goods, even if temporary, Asiagem will inform the customer by email. The amount paid by the customer will be reimbursed as soon as possible, within thirty days from the date of the order.