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Pain Relief

Pain Relief

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The benefits of the most advanced techniques and practices of ancient oriental medicine contained in a single product, which combines the properties of photons, infrared rays and natural stones, jade, tourmaline and amethyst.

Hydro - shower head
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Innovative device that allows you to add to the pleasure of the shower the well-being of natural stones and vitamin C

Ankle band


Effective in alleviating various types of ankle pain. Contains 1 cervical band

Knee band


Indicated to relieve those pains due to inflammation of the muscles and joints of the knee. Contains 1 cervical band

Shoulder band


Perfectly ergonomic and uses heat to dissolve muscle pain, sprains, fatigue, tension, strains and arthritis. Contains 1 cervical band

Glove band


Particularly suitable for all pains related to the joints of the hand. Contains 1 cervical band



Suitable for low back pain and sciatica. Contains 1 cervical band



ALE&GIÒ nanotechnology leggings reduce the circumference of the buttocks and thighs, improving the elasticity of the skin.



ALE&GIÒ nanotechnology clothing tones the body up and energizes it both in moments of relaxation and during physical activity.

Natural patcher Rivitalix
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Natural patches Rivitalix ® are a medical device designed and produced with refined and innovative materials, capable of counteracting the discomforts of bad microcirculation.