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Pain Relief

Pain Relief

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The benefits of the most advanced techniques and practices of ancient oriental medicine contained in a single product, which combines the properties of photons, infrared rays and natural stones, jade, tourmaline and amethyst.

Innovative device that allows you to add to the pleasure of the shower the well-being of natural stones and vitamin C

Cervical band


It clearly limits the stiffening of the muscles on the sides of the cervical spine. Contains 2 cervical bands

Ankle band


Effective in alleviating various types of ankle pain. Contains 1 cervical band

Knee band


Indicated to relieve those pains due to inflammation of the muscles and joints of the knee. Contains 1 cervical band

Shoulder band


Perfectly ergonomic and uses heat to dissolve muscle pain, sprains, fatigue, tension, strains and arthritis. Contains 1 cervical band

Glove band


Particularly suitable for all pains related to the joints of the hand. Contains 1 cervical band



Suitable for low back pain and sciatica. Contains 1 cervical band



ALE&GIÒ nanotechnology leggings reduce the circumference of the buttocks and thighs, improving the elasticity of the skin.



ALE&GIÒ nanotechnology clothing tones the body up and energizes it both in moments of relaxation and during physical activity.

Natural patches Rivitalix ® are a medical device designed and produced with refined and innovative materials, capable of counteracting the discomforts of bad microcirculation.