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Tritan bottle

Tritan bottle


Tritan is a material belonging to the class of co-polyesters, substances with good physical and chemical properties, free of harmful components present in common plastic bottles, such as bisphenol A (BPA).

The benefits of the most advanced techniques and practices of ancient oriental medicine contained in a single product, which combines the properties of photons, infrared rays and natural stones, jade, tourmaline and amethyst.

It combines the action of nanotechnologies with different natural materials, which produce infrared, photon light, magnets and negative ions giving a well-being in the moment of maximum rest, at night.

An anti-aging treatment with Led light, supported by NASA research. Your skin has the ability to absorb light from photons and use it as an energy source to stimulate cell regeneration.

Innovative device that allows you to add to the pleasure of the shower the well-being of natural stones and vitamin C

Leg massager


Thanks to the combined action of airbag, rollers and heat, is able to provide an extraordinary sensation of wellness to your legs and feet, stimulating blood circulation, promoting excess fluid drainage and soothing leg heaviness.

ALE&GIÒ nanotechnology clothing tones the body up and energizes it both in moments of relaxation and during physical activity

Arena bianco


The comfort of the canvas and the velcro closure make the Arena shoe, available in white and gray, ideal for experiencing everyday life in total comfort.

Cervical band


It clearly limits the stiffening of the muscles on the sides of the cervical spine. Contains 2 cervical bands